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The Рlant Production Institute nd. a. V. Ya. Yuryev of National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine is among core research institutions of agrarian profile in Ukraine. Its history extends back over 100 years. The main research lines of the institute involve: development of theoretical principles of field crop breeding, formation and maintenance of the Bank of Plant Genetic Resources of Ukraine, creation of new varieties and hybrids of cereals, pulses, groats and oil plants; development of highly efficient seed production systems for agricultural plants, primary and elite seed production of released varieties and hybrids; development of cultivation technologies for field crops, provision and scientific support of innovations.

200 breeding products of the institute, including 145 varieties and hybrids as well as 55 parental components, have been recommended for large-scale implementation as of 2017. 36 varieties and hybrids of the institute are in the Register of Breeding Achievements of RF, 2 hybrids and 1 variety have been entered to the Register of Kazakhstan, 2 hybrids are in the Register of Varieties of Belorus, 1 sunflower hybrid and a variety of soft winter wheat are grown in Turkey. 21 breeding innovations of the institute were awarded with gold medals and diplomas of the Ukrainian contest "The Best Domestic Goods of the Year".

The institute offers seeds of high reproductions of varieties of winter and spring cereals, pulses, parental components of corn and sunflower hybrids along with documentation of licensing agreements for their growing.

The National Center for Plant Genetic Resources of Ukraine was founded at the premises of the Рlant Production Institute nd. a. V. Ya. Yuryev of NAAS in 1993. The Bank of Plant Genetic Resources is referred to scientific sites that make national assets, it is one of 10 largest genetic banks in the world. Ukraine is a member of the International System for Plant Genetic Resources, which is run by The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

In the workframe of NAAS the Рlant Production Institute nd. a. V. Ya. Yuryev coordinates work on development and improvement of current technologies of selection process as well as practical creation of sunflower lines and hybrids for different directions of usage. The institute is also the chief institution in the program of scientific investigations «Oil Biological Raw Materials».

The Рlant Production Institute nd. a. V. Ya. Yuryev of NAAS is the lead institution of the Left Bank Forest-Steppe Center for Research and Innovations of National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine. Institute is the leading research institution Centre providing agricultural production Kharkiv region and performs work on the organization of scientific innovation aimed providing agricultural production. 

The organizational structure of the institute comprises 22 departments with the total number of employees of 260, among which are 140 researchers, including 12 Doctors of Science and 65 Doctors of Philosophy. There is one academician of NAAS, one associate member of NAAS, and five professors among the researchers of the institute; two researchers were conferred with the honorary title "Honoured Master of Sciences and Engineering of Ukraine", two researchers – with "Merited Worker of Agriculture". 44 researchers have the academic title "Senior Researcher".

Experimental station are involved in the network of the Рlant Production Institute nd. a. V. Ya. Yuryev of NAAS: Ustimovskaya Experimental Station of Plant Production; State Enterprise "Research Farm" Elitne" Plant Production Institute nd. V.Ya.Yuryev NAAS of Ukraine" State Enterprise "Research Farm "Chervona ChvylyaI R HAAN of Ukraine" ; State Enterprise "Research Farm "Pravdinske" I R NAAS of Ukraine".

At the institute postgraduate school and higher doctorate function with the following specializations: breeding and seed industry, plant production. The institute is a progressive base for training young specialists for modern agricultural sector.

The institute is a leading institution, which provides advanced training for young personnel of the NAAS system in genetics of complex traits and in information support of breeding and genetic studies (the training courses have been functioning since 1974), the training course in aspects of formation and maintenance of the Bank of Plant Genetic Resources started functioning in 2013.

The institute have been publishing scientific periodicals (three of which are on the list of journals recommended for publication of study results of Ph.D. and doctoral theses in agricultural sciences): the interagency thematic scientific collection of papers Selection and Seed Industry – since 1964; Bulletin of the Center of Scientific Support of the Agro-Industry in the Kharkiv region - since 2001; the scientific journal Genetic Resources of Ukraine - since 2004, and the scientific and production journal Guidance for the Ukrainian Cereal Grower - since 2008.

Every year the institute holds international, state, regional meetings, conferences, seminars on challenges in selection and seed industry of cereals, pulses, groats and oil plants, technologies of their cultivation, methods of protection from pests, diseases and weeds etc.

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